Things to Bring on  a Mountain Hike

Aside from the spectacular mountain and city views, hiking is also a great way to keep up with your health. The panoramic scenery will clear your senses and the trail will strengthen your muscles.

Before anything else, you should know the duration of you hike. How many days will the hike take? From this, you will have an idea of the things you need to bring. And if you are going solo or with a group, it is better to prepare all the essentials to avoid leaving something behind.

Read on and gear up with the whole different adventure trip. Here are some of the important things to bring in any day hike.


In every mountain hike, dehydration is one of the most common illness. You will lose electrolytes more than two times when hike in direct sunlight. Battle the wilderness with a plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and soda because this can also cause dehydration. Water will be enough to keep up with your mountain hike. And as much as possible, be sure that the water you brought is clean. The last thing you wouldn't want to experience is an upset stomach.

Fuel Snacks

Hiking could lose your energy, so combat the lost strength by munching some fuel snacks like granola and fruit bars, beef jerky, peanut butter and candy. It will still be a long trip ahead. Bring extra food to avoid hunger strike.

First-aid Kit

Nothing can beat a person who is prepared. Whether you are in a boring or adventurous trip, a first-aid kit must always be there for emergency purposes. Load your kit with essentials such as antiseptic, bandages, gloves, antibacterial ointment and aspirin. A pocketknife or multipurpose tool is also a great equipment in your hike.

Personal Care Items

Mountain hike means dusty and dirty trails. Keep up with your hygiene by bringing your personal care items like sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellant, sanitizer and soap. Especially if you are basking under the heat of the sun, you need to protect your screen from ultraviolet rays. You can also bring your sporty spectacles to fully enjoy the trek without compromising your eyes.

Fire starter

Though you can eat your on the go foods, it is better to heat them up for a more sumptuous treat. However, starting a fire can be difficult. You need to take with you some waterproof matches or chemical fire starter.

Night Essentials

Being in an appropriate hiking attire is really a must or else you will suffer the entire trip. The weather could be chilly at night, so aside from your comfy clothes, you need to bring some night essentials. A blanket and extra socks will keep you cozy during your sleep. And since the mountains could be pitch dark if not for the moonlight and stars, take a flashlight or headlamp. Just make sure to bring some extra batteries.

These are just some of the things you need on a mountain hike and you can actually bring some more that will make your trip more convenient and comfortable. Just don't bring your whole closet with you.