Nature Lovers - Outdoor Activities to Explore In Cape Town

Cape Town is one outdoor enthusiast’s holiday dream destination for nature lovers and its city home to a natural playground, large seas and skies, and mountains. Cape Town is becoming one of hotspot destination for those travelers who love to have an adrenaline fix. From skydiving to abseiling off the table mountain to paragliding and swimming with dolphins, Cape Town is the mother city. Let’s explore more of Cape Town outdoor activities for both extreme adventures and natural affinity travelers.  

The Goon Gun and Signal Hill

Signal Hills has a 350-meter summit that gives you stunning views of Table Bay and Cape Town and the dazzling Atlantic Ocean. The hill has a unique shape of near Lions Head Peak, and it’s your ideal place for watching the sunset and the shimmering lights of the beautiful Cape Town come to live after the dark. There is a regular practice where a cannon is activated using an electronic impulse and single shot fire from the Observatory. It is done daily except for Sundays and public holidays, and the firing happens at noon. Tourists can enjoy the free historical presentation of the famous Noon Gun, and those who heads to the top of the hill should carry a jacket since the place can become quite chilly as the sun dips.  

Great White Shark Cage Dive

Great white sharks are the most feared predators in the oceans and for thriller seeks they have an opportunity to come face-to-face in the chilly waters of the Cape Town coast. Protected using thick bars of big iron cages, divers get scores of a hefty dose of their adrenaline as these huge creatures swim just inches away from the bars. The best time of the years to see and have a dive with these magnificent creatures is between April and October. And for the timid animal lovers they can enjoy tour boat and watch seals, penguins, and dolphins plus the great white sharks at a distance.  

Penguins at Boulders Bay

Seeing penguins wonder in their natural environment is breathtaking and thrill to wildlife lovers. Penguins are incredibly adorable in any setting, and Boulders Bay is the place to visit for direct contact with these magnificent animals. There are more than 2000 endangered African penguins that are protected by Table Mountain National Parks Marine. The park charges entrance fees to these shores that are used to conserve this stunning wind-sheltered white sandy beach. Travelers have an opportunity to have a close encounter with penguins in a stunning setting of rock pools, calm bays, granite boulders and the blissful gleaming sand.  

Whale Watching at Hermanus

Hermanus is located 120 kilometers to the east of Cape Town and its one of the world’s hotspots for whale watching. From the month of July all through to November you can enjoy watching large numbers for the southern right whales as they migrate through these waters. The whales can be spotted on the shores of the ocean during the prime months of September to November. The ideal location to see these magnificent whales are from Cliff Path that is 12 kilometers long, the old harbor viewing terraces and the Sievers point. On the other hand, travelers can opt for whale-watching cruises, guided sea kayak trip and a scenic flight for a unique bird's eye view.

Cape Town has kind of interesting outdoor adventures that will give a memorable holiday and lots of fun and laughter. Get your visa, get your ticket and head over to Cape Town for a lifetime holiday.