Travel tips in spain

Did you know that Spain has a total of 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Yes, which means Spain is fully loaded with impressive attractions. Traveling to the country is very exciting and you need to be prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and of course, financially. And before you say Viva España!, here are some travel tips you ought to know.


Whether you book in advance or book on the last minute, you will not have a hard time choosing a place to stay in Spain. Several hotels, hostels and bed&breakfast accommodations are in the country. You can check online for some of the top-rated places for daily lodging.  


Sagrada Família

The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família or commonly known as the Sagrada Familia is a huge and unique Roman Catholic church situated in Barcelona.


Came from the word Calat Alhambra, Alhambra is a massive complex of a palace and a fortress. The complex was built on a plateau, which stands tall at 2430 ft. It is surrounded by a valley, a river and a street, making it very accessible for tourists.

Park Güell

One of the most attractive and charming public parks in Spain, Park Güell is definitely a spot to explore. Designed by the famous Antoni Gaudí, the park is composed of vibrant gardens and unique designs.

Merida Roman Theatre

Long before this tourist attraction became one of the country's most visited sites, The Amphitheatre of Mérida was once a place of entertainment, which could accommodate around 6,000 spectators.

The Pyrenees

It must be a very exciting feeling of standing in two countries at the same time. And if you want to experience such, hike to Pyrenees. The mountain range is a natural border that divides Spain and France.

Royal Palace of Madrid

The official residence of the Spanish government. And because of its significance, the Royal Palace of Madrid also serves as a venue for state ceremonies, executive banquets and other important gatherings.

Alcazar of Segovia

A real life representation of one of Walt Disney's castles, Alcazar of Segovia is a famous fortress located in old city of Segovia. The castle has a very unique style, which draws tourists all over the world.

Monasterio de Piedra

The complex is a triple treat for travelers who want to have a serene getaway. Monasterio de Piedra is composed of a monastery, hotel and park. It all started as a monastery way back 1194 and now, it has embraced modernization through adding accommodation and recreation in the area.


Most of the notable shopping districts are situated in the largest city and capital of Spain, Madrid. Don't forget to visit one of the most adored pastry shops in the country, Escriba. Apart from that, you can also head on to Spain's popular flea markets and try to strike up a bargain.


A very famous party destination is situated in Balearic Islands. Have you ever heard of Ibiza? In Ibiza, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. The place is apparently the best spot for a frenzied night out at the beach. There are also a lot of clubs and bars in the Spain's major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona.