Iconic Structures in Singapore

Dubbed as the cleanest country in Asia, Singapore has been one of the most visited countries in Asia. The country is the hub of lavish living, stimulating tourist spots and unique architectural styles. Over the years, Singapore has continuously built iconic structures that would truly depict the authentic Singaporean style— elegance and futuristic.  

Merlion Park

Almost all visitors would take a snap of the iconic Singaporean creature, the Merlion. The noteworthy structure in the heart of the city has the head of lion and body of fish. Through the ages, the Merlion became Singapore's national icon. And since the park is located at One Fullerton, which is very near the CBD, it is an ultimate tourist spot that attracts hundreds of visitors a day.  

Singapore Flyer

Every time you set foot in Singapore, you would never miss to witness the huge Singapore Flyer. The giant Ferris wheel stands tall at 541 ft. high. It could accommodate 28 passengers through its comfortable capsules. The flyer is one of the best ways to have unobstructed views of the entire cityscape and exceptional skyline scenery.

Marina Bay Sands

This massive hotel complex is without a doubt one of the most prominent buildings in Singapore. It features three sloping 55-storey hotels that are connected by the SkyPark. The casino resort caters not just hotel accommodation, but also various recreations such as museum, skating rink, theatres, floating pavilions restaurants, and the world's largest atrium. The Marina Bay Sand was designed by Moshe Safdie and was constructed by Ssangyong Engineering and Construction on 2010.  

Helix Bridge

Another notable structure just across the Marina Bay Sands is the Helix Bridge. The iconic bridge offers stunning views of the Singapore skyline and paves way for a pedestrian connection from the Marina Bay to the city's central business district. With an international team behind the Helix Bridge creation, it has gained fame all over the world and was even considered as the very first architectural and engineering bridge design of its time. The design was inspired by the DNA structure, with series of lights that illuminates the beauty of the whole cityscape.  

Gardens by the Bay

To fully promote the cleanliness and greenery of the city, Singapore also provides shelter for lush trees, vibrant flowers and tropical plants. The Supertrees are the most notable tree-like structures in the park with towering heights that range between 82 ft and 160 ft. These remarkable trees are the home of exotic ferns, vines, orchids and are widely seen all over the city. Aside from that, the nature park is comprised of three waterfront gardens, all of which are set to promote healthy lifestyle and nature preservation of the city.

Henderson Waves Bridge

Connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok, the Henderson Waves Bridge is the city's highest pedestrian bridge. The bridge is surely worth a second glance with its special architectural wave design. Especially during night, it becomes a golden beam bridge because of the seven curved steel ribs that glimmers at the dark sky.