Doha travel guide

The to be a host of FIFA 2022, Qatar has already managed to be recognised as one of the gulf’s exotic travel destinations. The time is gone when Qatar was tagged as a lonely planet placed conveniently alongside Saudi Arabia and was known for the strict religious norms. The state is enriched by its marvellous traditions and exemplary culture. However, not many tourists flock up to the destination just for the picturesque views, most of them visit the country to stay back as expats and earn.

The capital city Doha has swelled up as a prominent host and is enticing its visitors with its enchanting museums, live conventional markets, impressive corniche of finest skylines, traditional souqs and adventurous sports activities that involve remote-controlled camel races on the sands of deserts. Doha Tour Packages can offer you one day panoramic tour of the city, a sightseeing itinerary can include an unavoidable trip to the Education city, a stroll in the local markets, a swift visit to Barzan Towers, exceptional shopping experience at Waqif Souq, pleasant halt at Doha Bay corniche, a trip to Mathaf Museum.

The City Watchovers – Barzan Towers

Aka. Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers the towers were built as a defence strategy for ‘rawdat’. The structures were constructed in the 19th century and the air conditioning features were restored in the year 2003. The towers depict the extraordinary Qatari architectural concepts. The towers are surrounded by the private properties that include Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammed Al Thani’s palace and other towers, but only Barzan Towers are open 24 hours for visitors.

The Standing Market- Souq Waqif

Situated in the heart of Doha, Souq Waqif is one of the most popular shopping and dining hubs in Qatar. The trade marketplace was built on the banks of the river Wadi Musheireb and served as an assembly point of all the Bedouin tradesmen. Despite its restoration in the year 2008, the structure was refurbished using only the traditional architecture. You can purchase all Qatari and other Arabic items. Sip a black tea or grab a bite with the locals around.

Al Rayyan Theatre in the souq serves is a venue to musical events, entertainment nights and other concerts.

An Exquisite evening at the Bay of Doha

You can relax yourself out at the 7-kilometre long corniche with a spectacular view of the city skyline. The dazzling lights from the skyline illuminate the desert place and the view is picturesque.

Mathaf Museum

Depicting the contemporary lifestyle and Arabic art, at Mathaf Museum you can participate in the extraordinary world class exhibitions and art shows and witness world-class collections. You could take a halt in soothing indoors of March cafe. Feel free to seize a magazine or buy souvenirs for your friends and family from Mahal gift shop.

There’s a feeder bus connect available to the Museum of Islamic Art.

Qatar is head longing as an elegant tourist destination with modern and one of their kind resorts and hotels. A trip to the state would be an overwhelming experience.

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