The Grandest Sinulog Festival in Cebu

When it's the month of January, it's "Prititit" time in Cebu!

Sinulog is the biggest and notable festival in Cebu. The annual tradition is a nine-day fiesta celebration held in every January, in honor of the Holy Child. Sinulog is mainly celebrated with two major activities — the religious procession and the grand street parade.

If you are wondering what is the meaning of Sinulog, then let's make it simple for you. Sinulog came from the word ‘sulog’ which means ‘flow of water current’. Sinulog festival is a celebration of the birth of Christianity in the Philippines

The opening of Sinulog is celebrated with a Eucharistic mass in Basilica del Santo Nino. The devotion of Cebuanos to the Holy child is completed with the novena masses. The novena masses are attended by thousands of devotees. And there, you will witness the undying faith of devotees when they unite in singing the iconic Bato Balani sa Gugma, with hands waving at Señor Santo Niño. 

Thousands of devotees waving at Señor Sto. Niño

Sinulog is not complete without the fluvial procession. Whether the water is calm or turbulent, devotees brave the waters of the Mactan Channel to show their unending devotion.

A mainstay event every Sinulog, the Sto. Niño Fluvial Parade

To commence the religious celebrations, the crowd attends the solemn procession of the miraculous image of Sto. Niño. A flock of devotees walk and pray with Sto. Niño as a sign of devotion and penitence. These devotees believe that their hopes and wishes are answered by dancing the iconic Sinulog steps after the solemn procession.

Devotees during the solemn procession

Sinulog Festival Queen is one of the most charismatic competitions in honor of Santo Niño. Every Sinulog, Cebu crowns a new Sinulog Festival Queen. The competition is not just for beauty and brains, but also the best performance of the Sinulog dance.

A beautiful Cebuana swaying with Sto. Niño

Charming smile of the festival queen

Miss Cebu is another brightest and grandest competition held every Sinulog. The event is the longest running beauty pageant in Cebu. Cebuanos are vastly known for their intelligence and beauty. The pageant has produced remarkable national and international beauty queens.

All smiles Cebuana beauty queens

Throughout the Sinulog celebration, the local government and business establishments facilitate the annual fireworks display and competition.

Fireworks competitions and displays for all

On the last day of the 9-day Sinulog celebration, the city of Cebu is graced with annual grand parade. Colorful costumes and attractive mascots flood the center of the streets, while the locals and tourists enjoy the vibrant scenery nearby. 

Wonderful street scenes during the grand parade

Street dancers dancing to the Sinulog beat!

Street parties are the best way to cap off the whole week celebration. The crowd gather in collective and joyful chaos as they chant "Prititit". Let loose with the partygoers in Baseline. Baseline has always been the famous amusement spot for all revelers. Just be prepared with the colorful and crazy parties all over the place which starts at early afternoon and ends around dawn.

Colorful parties everywhere!

Let's morning the night!