Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills. Wait, what? Did I just really say chocolate? And was the other word hills? Did I just puzzle you? You see, the Chocolate Hills is most popular tourist spot in the Island of Bohol. And yes, this magnificent place got its name from its yummy-looking characteristics – it totally looks like hundreds of hills made from chocolate!  

The Legends of Chocolate Hills

I know, many of you are like "the Chocolate Hills was basically created due to the movement of the tectonic plates, blah blah blah, (insert more scientific stuff)", so sorry if I’m gonna be bursting your bubble with my cool legend story. We, Filipinos, just love legends!

Anyways, according to one popular legend, the Island of Bohol Island of BoholIsland of Boholused to be one plain form of land wherein two giants lived. However, during one fateful day, the giants had a dispute, and because of their burning rage against each other, they started throwing huge boulders towards the other, sending large piles of sand and rocks, back and forth, back and forth. This fight lasted for a couple of days, until the two giants became tired and called it quits. The mess they made from throwing gigantic boulders became the Chocolate Hills.

Since I love telling stories, let me tell you another legend as to how Chocolcate Hills came to be. Just a small warning, this one’s kind of yucky. During the old days, the town was said to be pestered by a gigantic carabao which would eat all of the harvest and crops of the people residing in the area. The farmers, wanting to get rid of the pest, decided to poison the carabao with spoiled food, placing the accumulated spoils in a place visible to the carabao. The plan became successful, and the carabao was poisoned and started pooping everywhere in the area until his stomach was completely empty, causing it to die. However, the giant pile of feces hardened and became the Chocolate Hills.

What did I tell you? I love telling fun stories!

More about the Chocolate Hills

Anyways, back to regular programming. This geographical and God-given spectacle is made up of more than 1200 hills, spread out across the whole area of the Island of Bohol. You can actually spot these hills anywhere, but the most perfect setting in which you would be able to get the best view of the Chocolate Hills is the “Chocolate Hills Adventure Park”. Back then, during my last visit in the said park, the most popular thing to do there would be to take pictures, enjoy the view, and eat if you’re already starving (the foods they serve are totally sumptuous!); but now, they already have loads of fun stuff you can try! 

The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) now has the following adrenaline pumping activities: zipline, tree top challenge, eco trail, mountain biking, wall climbing and the totally crazy zorb balls! If you want to try out those adventures, you need not worry since they have reasonable rates, so visitors and tourists like us can basically afford them.

What else are you waiting for? Let’s drool on Chocolate Hills’ beauty and magnificence!