A Consolidated Travel Guide to Israel

Rich in the culture and history; with a number of gastronomy hubs the colourful land of Israel is famous for spreading the love. This fascinating place is reckoned as the Land of Creation. It is the sacred place where Jesus was crucified and resurrected; for Muslims, it’s the place from where the holy journey of Muhammad commenced; and how could the Jewish temple of Solomon be forgotten. Any season could be the best time to discover the unsurpassed magnificence of the country and its diverse cities. A travel guide to Israel can include the following sites- The Mediterranean beaches, exotic nightlife, biblical pilgrimage destinations, the fascinating Dead Sea and many more destinations.  

The Town of Caesarea

On your way to Jerusalem, a short detour would land you up in the splendid town of Caesarea that was built by King Herod; known for its wonderful sea ports on the banks of the Mediterranean. The town was named as an honour to the Roman king Caesar Augustus. The place used to be famous as a trade hub for spices and other items and goods to be delivered to the city of Rome.

The famous Akko

Built in the 12th century the town is categorised as a world heritage site by UNESCO .It’s called a city of mystery or The Old City of Acre. It is deemed that the city has a mysterious underground city that is 900 years old and has not yet been fully discovered. The prominent itinerary includes the crusades, the famous Napoleon Route , The Khan Al Umdan, verdant valleys and orchards, the withered walls.


The illustrious exquisiteness of this ancient city lies in the holy sites that carry biblical importance which makes it one of the most contested cities in the world. There numerous sites to be covered as a tourist when in Jerusalem ; Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, Haram Al-Sharif, Mount Olives, Mount Zion, The Wailing Wall to name a few.

Dome of the Rock- The massive mosque with an intricate geometrical design is Jerusalem’s long lasting landmarks and is called the Dome of the Rock for Muslims whereas, for the Jews, it is the Temple Mount. At the Western Wall or The Wailing wall,Jews pray to the almighty for a secured future and leave their prayers and wishes in the cracks of the wall to be answered.

The compact city has been divided into Armenian, Jewish, Muslim and Christian Quarters. The hustle bustle in the shopping boulevards is sure to interest the tourist in you. Tasty food and healthy drinks are not to miss.It is not a complicated affair even if you decide to roam around the city in rental cars as the clear road indications could be found in English as well.


Significant in the history of Jews, the city leads to the lowest place on the earth- The Dead Sea. The fort of Masada is a place where Zealots committed suicides as the last resort against the Roman breakthrough.

Tel Aviv

The town is considered as the centre point of the creation of the new Israel after the holocaust. It is the representation of how the sands and rocks were turned into skyscrapers. Unlike the religiosity surrounding Jerusalem, this city is entirely modern. Ecstatic beaches, nostalgic coffee shops and multi cuisine restaurants, Tel Aviv has them all.  

The great Sea of Galilee

Israel’s primary source of fresh water comes from The Great of Galilee which is also known as Kinneret and it is filled by the Jordanian river. The lake is significant to the Christians and holds mentions in the great stories of miracles by Jesus in Bible. The lake witnesses Christians as pilgrims and local vacationers as visitors. It was here where Jesus completed his ministry of three years and was baptised in Jordan River. The northern part of the lake is where Jesus stepped on water. The lake is surrounded by chapels and churches which are of paramount importance to Christians.