Top Beaches in Indonesia

Without a question, Indonesia is a haven of splendid beaches. And apparently, the most celebrated beach destination is Bali. But did you know that Indonesia has so much to offer than the overrated Bali? Yes! There's actually more than a thousand of islands worth the visit. To give you an idea for your next beach trip, here are some of the top beaches that will surely be a great catch for your serene getaway.

Kuta Beach

Well, we can't skip the ever popular beach in Bali, the Kuta Beach. This beach has been one of the pioneer tourist developments in the country. Since its location is just minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kuta beach is the top destination for travelers who want to relax from a very tiring trip. The place has all the things you need— accessible accommodation, delectable cuisines, abundant shopping stalls and frenzied nightlife.

Gili Islands

Three wonderful Gili islands sum up the perfect description of paradise in the northwest portion of Lombok. Every island has its own charming features that incessantly draw the locals and tourists. For a more commercialized vacation and exciting adventure, you can head on to Gili Trawangan. But if you are looking for a soothing and romantic escape, then choose Gili Meno. And a combination of the two latter islands is the Gili Air, which is the best chill out spot with a mix of laidback trip and invigorating nightlife.

Senggigi Beach

The Senggigi beach is a great spot to witness the glorious plunge of the sun to its horizon. Situated in the fine island of Lombok, Indonesia, this innate beauty is a truly a magnificent travel escapade. There are a lot of economical lodging and affordable restaurants in Senggigi. Try some of the local cuisines in the area, especially the tasty barbecued corn while you enjoy the sunset. Then treat yourself with a shopping madness in the local stalls of Art Market.

Plengkung Beach

The ultimate travel destination for daring surfers all over the world. Plengkung Beach also known as G-land is widely recognized for its huge waves and fine sands. It has been considered as the Seven Giant Waves Wonder because of its renowned 7 spin of waves that can go as high as 6 meters.

Pangandaran Beach

Located in the island of Java, Indonesia, Pangandaran beach is an ideal beach trip for all travelers out there who want to have a peaceful vacation. It is near the Penanjung Pangandaran nature reserve which is the home of vibrant flora. The lush landscape, powdery sands and big waves make the place a complete travel destination. Every July, the annual kite-flying festival is held on the beach that attracts thousands of tourists. If you are bored with the typical white sand beaches, then try visiting one of the most unique beaches in the country —the Pink Beach. Located in Lombok, Indonesia, the beach is an ultimate spot for unspoiled nature. The color of the sands are widely influenced by the pink coral particles that are very dominant in the place.