Exotic Travel to Egypt

Planning a getaway to a destination with enduring historical and mythological treasures? An exotic travel to Egypt could be the best vacation plan you could have to discover the ruins of great civilisations that ever existed.

Amidst all the complications and turmoil, the land of Pharaohs remains one of the most loved places. There are a plethora of options to explore when in Egypt; fashion, tradition, culture, pyramids, to name a few. Egypt is sure to entice the adventurer in you even on a solo journey.

Usually, you would need at least a week with you to be able to explore the marvellous cities at a stretch. It is best if you appoint an Egyptologist or a local guide to help you out with the history. The enthralling architecture and abundant beauty could be explored at the various stops.

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World- Pyramids of Giza

Unarguably the pharaohs of Giza have drawn more tourists than any other destination in Egypt. Constructed in the 2560 BC, the three iconic pyramids- Cheops, Chephren and Myycerinus; stand still even after 2000 years of their construction. Apart from these three huge pyramids, other 138 pyramids can also be spotted around the city.

These structures are a way too impressive in the real life than in the photographs. These exotic pharaohs have drawn great conquerors of the world. Worth the mention are - Alexandar the Great, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte. The fun city Hurghada Situated by the famous Red Sea, the fascinating city is well known for its vibrant nightlife at the bars, clubs and restaurants. You could even witness the local sports of the deserts and submerged gardens located off shore.

Cruising through the Nile

The former longest river provides a scenic view of the nearby locations. Schedule a cruise journey with a local operator and you could have a fun day with your group. By the sides of the river lie two great towns of Aswan and Luxor. The peaceful town Aswan is famous for its ferry rides to Elephantine Island and Nubian villages. Just sit back in your ferry enjoy the scenic view with the cold winds caressing your cheeks and cuppa tea or local coffee.

Whereas, Luxor aka. the valley of the kings is famous for its numerous ancient temples- Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut Karnak Temple and others. The colourful wall paintings in the tombs of West Bank are sure to instil a gesture of awe in the art enthusiasts .

The Capital City Cairo

Shop, roam, play and eat. The ancient city has plentiful of mosques and Islamic schools. Feel free to use your haggling skills at the Khan el-Khalili souq. If you are an admirer of worshipping structures do not miss to visit the mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al-Azhar. The famous minaret of Bab Zuweila is sure to satiate the wanderlust in you.


Named after its founder this historical city served as a home to the most famous queen Cleopatra. Even though the glorious tales of the city are registered in the local poems and mythological books, the city is now restored as an ultramodern economic hub. Must visit locations include Montaza Palace, Qaitbay citadel, Palais d’Antoniadis, Maamoura Beach and many more.

Egypt is home to numerous tourist destinations that cannot be penned at once or covered in a very short span of time. All you need is backpack and flair to travel.

So when are you planning your voyage?