Dubai desert safari

The multicultural mosaic – Dubai, is one of the fastest growing and the most visited destinations in the world. There’s a lot more to the city than just the ostentatious shopping malls, lavish cars and amazing food.

Amongst a series of fun things, Dubai Desert Safari tops up the list of the most sought after activities to do when in Dubai. It is one of the not to miss and sure to give you a headshot of adrenaline rush and satiate the brave heart in you.

How to plan?

The excursion is one the busiest activities and thus requires a prior booking with a local tour operator at least a week before to avoid any disappointments. You could either go for the 6 hours trip or night stays as per your availability.

Who all I can take?

Adventure is for one and all. You could plan the trip with your group of friends, family or even if you are alone. Just a few restrictions are there for the age groups and for medical fitness which can be checked at the time of booking.

What all?

The enthralling journey begins with a 4x4 pick from your location to the site. The adventure begins the moment you arrive in the desert. General itinerary commences with a Falcon Show or a visit to a camel farm, followed by an exciting experience of dune bashing and/ or sand boarding. The adventurous bashing is given a halt with a pleasing camel ride and an amazing view of the sunset. Crossing the barren sands and the wilderness of the deserts you will be brought to your camps for refreshments followed by a BBQ dinner and added entertainment.

The tourists are traditionally welcomed with traditional Arabic coffee and dates and are guided to their respective canopies.

At the campfire, the activities such as henna tattoo, shisha (hubbllee bubblee) and snacks keep the visitors engaged. The entertainment is escalated with a live and sensuous belly dance performance by attractive girls dressed beautifully in ‘bedlah’.

With a little upgrade in your package, you could even plan a night stay with a customised menu that could include servings of special beverages or alcohol.

A stay under the twinkling stars and the silent Gulf desert is an experience you could never forget. Once your stay is over, you will be carried back on an adventurous XUV ride to your destination. If you have opted for a premium package, your guide might as well show you the local safari to sight the rare species of the desert.

What should I carry?

For a short hour journey package you need to carry just your refreshment kit. Your guide will have a fair supply of water bottle or snacks for your journey to the site.

On the site, you will have access to toilets and even shower rooms (separate for men and women).The local government is extremely strict with the hygienic norms so no need to be scared of the sanitation and the quality of water supply.

In case your package requires a night stay, you could carry an extra pair of clothes to be changed in the morning and also a woollen wear as the nights in the deserts are too cold even in the summers.

Extra Tip:

Make sure that you dress up casual and also as per the acceptable attire of the locals. You would not want to be uncomfortable and not enjoying. Slippers would be best for your feet as the sand could easily pile up in your closed shoes.