Los Angeles the second largest city in the US, is also the most populated city in the state of California. Globally famous as the entertainment capital of America, Los Angeles or LA as the city is most popularly known is a popular tourist destination because of its Mediterranean climate, its continuously booming metropolis and the comprehensive diversity of its cultural customs. But don’t be fooled by the flippant gaiety swagger LA is presenting to the world. Deep in LA’s soul there resides a profound eccentric which flagrantly shares its bounty to the global ecosphere.

Los Angeles was claimed long ago by a Spanish named Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo for Spain, this was the piece of LA’s history which give it the name Los Angeles, Spanish for “The Angels”. Los Angeles was once a part of Mexico before it was purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and became part of United States as a municipality of California. The residents of LA are called “Angelinos” and they are mostly responsible for the city’s entertainment industry fame.