Chicago The Windy city is sometimes also referred to as Chicago land. The third most populous city in the United States of America, Chicago is home to more than 2.7 million residents. Chicago is the third largest metropolitan city in the US with nearly 10 million people, counting visitors in addition to local residents, milling about the whole area as tourists, entrepreneurs, residents and other professions each day of the year. Chicago became a city in 1837, it is situated along a portage in between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes watershed. It grew rapidly from its marshy origin and is now considered as a global hub for technology, commerce, finance, telecommunications, transportation and industry. It also has the largest number of U.S. rail road freight and highways. O'Hare International Airport Chicago’s airport is the second-busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft traffic.

Touted to have all the best foods in the world, the best museums, awe inspiring architectures and all the best shopping selections one can dream of, Chicago, also have various weekend events to keep holiday vibes alive for tourists and locals alike who want added spice to their vacation and to their daily lives. Aside from regular or seasonal weekend events. The city also comes alive every night with theater and live music. There are also the striking parks and gardens strategically located across the city that looks great under the Chicago skyline. Visiting international and local tourists brush elbows and exchange energetic greetings along the way to their choice of destinations every day. One would wonder where they get their lively spirits because all throughout the year Chicago buzz with infectious excited energy.